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Embodied Writing Retreats


2011 Dates:

January 29
July 16
October 8

When we create space in our lives to explore our hearts and minds, and when we join others who are also cultivating the deep life, we are often surprised by the wisdom and grace that emerges. If you need a safe environment to reconnect with yourself, if you want to be still and discover what arises, if you want help moving through a stuck place in your writing process or want to learn new practices to hone your writing skills, then Embodied Writing is for you!

During this retreat we will deepen in periods of meditation and contemplation, developing our awareness of our bodies, hearts and minds, allowing that to flow freely on the pages. Working directly with our strong emotions- fear, anger, sorrow, compassion, love and joy- will help us to open to our deepest truths. We will do this with respect and tenderness.

Please join us. No prior experience in writing or meditation is required.

Sundays 9:30 - 5

Early registration $145 one month in advance; $170 thereafter.