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Advanced Hakomi Training


Let the beauty you love, be what you do...   Rumi

Join us and develop your counseling skills in an intimate, experiential format.  The subtleties of the personhood of the practitioner are deeply explored along with advanced skills and the nuances of the Hakomi Method, attachment theory and Buddhist psychology.

The full day advanced training practice groups meet 2-3 times per year in Santa Cruz, from 11-6:30, with an hour for lunch. There are six students in the group and the cost is $210 for the whole day.  Weekday groups are limited to four members and meet for three and a half hours monthly.  The cost for weekday groups is $145 per session.

The trainer observes and coaches students in live practice focusing on Hakomi, somatics, Buddhist psychology, attachment and self states. Occasionally, sessions are filmed in advance and reviewed. Additionally, students may present a case for treatment planning and exploration of transference and countertransference issues. Each student is given the opportunity to work at their individual edge and develop personally and professionally. Often a theme develops during the day and advanced topics are discussed in depth. Because of the extended format, students are able receive feedback and support regarding the processing and transformation phases of the method that are often times missed during brief sessions. The depth of work creates a very sweet and safe environment.   

Monthly group members are asked to commit for a minimum of four sessions (winter/summer and/or fall) to provide consistency and safety in the training.  After the initial commitment,  students may leave the group at any time with a one session in person notice (for completion process). Substitutes are allowed, but group members are financially responsible for each session whether or not they attend. Students must have completed a minimum one year of Hakomi Training and be recommended by a Hakomi faculty member  to enroll or to substitute for a regular member. All students agree to abide by the Hakomi Institute code of ethics, including all guidelines regarding dual relationships. Confidentiality must be maintained for the safety and benefit of all participants.  

The purpose of this training is strictly educational; the emphasis of the curriculum is the professional development of the practitioner. Appropriate referrals to licensed professionals will be made for any student interested in psychotherapy.

Advanced students learn much from each other's practice  as well as from feedback on their own session. There is a lot of love and support going on in these groups!


Monthly Thursday and Friday Groups meet 2:00-5:30 PM.

Full Day Groups meet on Fridays 11:00 AM - 6:30 PM with an hour break.


Full Day GroupThursday Afternoon GroupFriday Afternoon Group