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Longing for Darkness: a retreat for women


2016 Dates TBA

Friday 6:30-9 PM; Saturday 9-5:30; Sunday 9-1

Tuition: Early Registration $345
before October 1; $395 thereafter.

When we turn inward, the journey toward stillness and aliveness begins. The first courageous step is to slow down and actually experience ourselves. Then we can sink even more deeply into the ground of our being. From the dark quiet within, aliveness naturally flows. We are all conditioned in ways that interfere with our ability to touch in to and express our deepest selves and our full aliveness. We are conditioned to fear and avoid the darkness. How can we bring our bodies to life? How can we tap into our longing and let its wisdom lead us? In this retreat, we will create a safe environment to enter our mysteries, the dark radiance, the underworlds where creativity, sexuality and our very essences reside. With meditation, movement, and art we will experience, explore and celebrate the Divine Feminine as revealed in each of us.

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